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Citizenship Appeals

Citizenship is the end goal of your pathway to becoming a Canadian. At CIC Lawyers LLP, we represent and advocate for our clients to complete the journey, from start to finish and with their families as the case may be.

We provide full representation in all your Citizenship needs. If you love Canada and want to make Canada your new home country, and then make Citizenship your end goal of your immigration project. We encourage our Clients to aspire to obtain the right to vote and participate in the free and democratic tradition that makes Canada a highly regarded country that respects human rights.

We are committed to help you in your journey to become a Canadian Citizen. Our commitment does not stop once you receive your Permanent Residence. Let us help you become a Canadian Citizen and make Canada your home country.


We deal with all kind of appeals that can be made from decisions on immigration applications. The main categories in which the appeals are usually made are family class, skilled worker class, and business class and refugee claimants. These appeals may be have to be made before different bodies varying from case to case. Filing an appeal is highly time sensitive and it involves a great deal of legal knowledge and expertise. Contact us today for further assistance.

Appeals before IAD

Our team of experts puts all our skills and experience to use when it comes to assisting our clients. We deal with all kinds of matters which can be appealed against at the Immigration Appeal Division(IAD) such as removal orders, family class sponsorships etc. These appeals have to be filed usually within 30 days of the decision. We employ our expertise to the optimum on how to proceed with an appeal to the IAD addressing the detailed facts and requirements of every particular case.

Refugee Appeals

Once a refugee claim has been refused, the appeal process ought to be initiated within 15 days of the receipt of the decision for the removal order to be rendered ineffective, failing which the removal order will become enforceable. We, at CIC Lawyers are committed to our clients in the widest possible manner and make sure that their genuine case is prepared and presented well within time.

Judicial Review (Federal Court)

A negative decision on an immigration, refugee or citizenship matter can be requested to be reviewed. This is called the ‘Leave’ stage. If the court is convinced that the decision is debatable and the immigration official may have erroneously denied the application, the leave to file a judicial review is granted-meaning thereby that the court will make an in-depth examination of the decision and grant an oral hearing.

CIC Lawyers are a group of skilled lawyers who definitely prepare a strong application for judicial review for you and contest the unfavorable decision with very influential and forceful arguments. Once the court is persuaded, it will set aside the decision and order a reconsideration of the matter. Please contact us if you feel that the decision you have received on your application is unfavorable.


There is usually no ‘appeal’ against a decision on Citizenship applications. An application for judicial review of a refused Canadian Citizenship application has to be made within 30 days of the refusal.

However, the Federal Court of Appeal can grant a leave to appeal against a negative decision on a citizenship application if the Federal Court Judge certifies that there is a serious question of general importance involved and states the question in the judgment.

Further, from a judgment by the Federal Court of Appeals, an appeal can be made to the Supreme Court of Canada and Supreme Court may grant a leave to appeal if it is convinced that an issue of public importance is raised in the case. The notice of application for leave to appeal must be made within 60 days of the judgment in question by the FCA.

We, at CIC Lawyers, assist our clients with the most proficient approach to deal with such matters. Our knowledgeable team of practitioners presents the case to the Hon’ble courts in the most resourceful and credible manner presenting the facts with strong bearing to the related laws. Please contact us for a consultation and help us serve you.

Appeals to Federal Court of Appeal

Our work speaks for us better. We advocate our clients’ cases and good employing our proficiency in litigation and deliver favorable results related to all matters concerning immigration law. The Federal Court of Appeal is an esteemed forum dealing with grievances emerging from immigration decisions. The matters in which the Federal Court of Appeal grants leave are handled with utmost care in the hands of the resourceful team at CIC Lawyers LLP. For more information, contact us today.

Appeal to Supreme Court of Canada

Canada’s final court of appeal is the Supreme Court of Canada(SCC). Obtaining a leave to appeal from the SCC is itself quite serious. The application for leave must be made within 60 days of the receipt of decision of the Federal Court of Appeal and the leave is usually granted in cases raising issues of public importance or of law that calls for an immediate consideration by the court. As lawyers, our duty to influence the court is doubled in such cases and at CIC Lawyers, we make sure that we don’t miss to take every course of action to attain the desired objective.


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