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Deportation/Removal Order

The Government of Canada may deport people who it deems are not lawfully allowed to stay in Canada. Deportation proceedings may be initiated not only against foreign nationals or temporary residents, but also against permanent residents. As devastating as the fear of being sent home may be, we may be able to assist you in contesting your deportation order in different ways depending on the circumstances of your case. Book a consultation with us today for more details.


Any appeal against a removal order may be made to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB). The IRB decisions can further be appealed against at the Federal Court of Appeal.

Deferral of removal order, Judicial Review and stay of removal motion

A deferral of removal order can be requested to the CBSA officer handling the matter, whose jurisdiction though is limited, but can consider risk, best interest of child or other factors. If this request is denied, a judicial review leave application may be filed to the Federal Court. This may be accompanied by the stay of removal motion and if allowed, the operation of removal order may be stayed till the final decision on the judicial review application.

Pre Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA)

If you are eligible for PRRA, we can contest your removal from Canada. We can help you compellingly express the risk to you if you have to return to your home country. This may lead to a stay of your removal order or you getting a ‘protected person’ status in Canada if you are found eligible.


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