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Your qualification to come to Canada and/or settle here can be laid on the line on account of ‘inadmissibility’. It is highly recommended that if you are inadmissible, please consult us for a legal advice even before you make an immigration application. We can guide you to overcoming your inadmissibility or for review or appeal against the immigration decisions based on your inadmissibility.

Inadmissibility can be on the following grounds:

Medical Inadmissibility

Medical grounds which may pose you as a threat to health and safety to the people in Canada; or as a burden on medical and social services in Canada may jeopardize your chances of even entering Canada. Book a consultation with us if you or any of your kith and kin are battling with any such medical condition that may render you inadmissible before making an immigration application.

Criminal Inadmissibility

If you are/were involved in an act threatening the security of Canada, violation of human or international rights, convicted of a crime, a part of criminal organization or committed a transitional crime, regardless of the fact whether the act was in Canada or outside Canada, whether your were charged, discharged or pardoned, you may still be inadmissible to Canada.

Our team of lawyers are here to help you overcome your criminal inadmissibility with Application for criminal rehabilitation, or record suspension or special permission request as applicable.

Non Compliance

Overstayed your visa? Breached the conditions on your permit? Entered Canada without proper documentation? You may be inadmissible for not complying with the Canadian Immigration Law and we may help you combat your inadmissibility with cogent reasoning. Contact us today for a consultation.

Financial Inadmissibility

If you cannot financially support yourself and/or your dependants, you may be rendered financially inadmissible to the country. Let us help you to establish that you have arrangements to support yourself and your family by suggesting various alternatives that you may use.


Giving false information on your application or concealing material facts may make you inadmissible to Canada. It is primarily advised to refrain from such actions and not to jeopardize your immigration scope to Canada. However, if you ended up doing it innocently, we may help you to convince the officials with concrete evidence and ultimately overcome your inadmissibility.


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